Taran’s story

(As dictated to Ritesh on June 27th, 2008)

The Niagara Falls is so beautiful. Everybody will love it because it’s so beautiful. I had a very good drive from New Jersey to Canada yesterday. We reached Canada in the evening and we met Nanaji, Nani, Amit mama, Richa mami, Gauranshi and Kanav bhaiya. There were firecrackers in the night. The waterfalls were also lit up colorfully. After seeing the fireworks, I ate a chocolate and vanilla icecream and Roshan ate a vanilla icecream. I shared with Nanaji my icecream. Then, we walked a little more to get into a taxi and then the taxi drove us to our hotel. We ate dinner and I ate idli and Roshan ate paratha and Gauranshi ate paratha and jam. Then I changed into my nightsuit and then, I went off to sleep. I woke up fresh in the morning after a nice long night’s sleep.

Roshan’s story

(As dictated to Ritesh on June 28th, 2008)

We went to the Niagara Falls today and then we went on a boat. The boat went all the way to the base of the Niagara Falls. There was so much spray from the falls that we all. got wet. We had worn blue raincoats and on the other side, they were wearing yellow raincoats. Then we had some icecream. We went to Boston Pizza to eat some lunch. I ate French fries and chicken fingers and I drank some apple juice. Then, Taran, Papa and I went into the sky wheel. The sky wheel turned 4 times and it went so high and I was not scared. I was holding Papa’s hand. When we went up, I was almost touching the sky. We went to Gauranshi and Kanav bhaiya’s new house. I am having lots of fun there.

The woman with the basketball
Story by Taran Idnani (as dictated to his papa on June 14th, 2008)

The woman was playing basketball in the basketball court in Bridgewater, NJ. She was practicing her game because she was just learning to play the game and she wanted to play with others when she learnt to play a little better. She slipped while she was playing the game on the court. She got hurt and then blood came out from her right knee. She went to her house and put an alcohol swab on her knee. She drove in her Honda Civic back to the basketball court. Then she started playing again and then she didn’t get hurt. She learnt how to play basketball.

Tiger Woods – the golf player
Story by Roshan Idnani
(as dictated to his papa on June 14th, 2008)
Tiger Woods was playing golf at the park in New York City. He was there in the park with his kid. Then, his wife also came to the park. Then they went bicycling in the park and they went home after that. At home, they ate some chicken nuggets. They then switched on the television and they watched a movie “Finding Nemo”.

Earlier this year, I was driving with Taran and Roshan when I pointed to a snowman someone had made in front of their house. The sun was shining bright and as a result the snowman looked a caricature version of it’s former self. I asked my kids what made the snowman different from the day before and the result was a rather interesting conversation and if I may say, an intellectual one too, considering we are talking about 3.5 year old twins.
Taran piped up: The sun is shining so bright and so the snowman is melting.
Me: Excellent. What will happen if the sun keeps shining bright every day?
Both: All the snow will melt.
Me: Good job, boys. Now tell me do you remember that there is a lot of snow and glaciers near the north and the south pole?
Both: Yes, there is a lot of snow where Santa lives and in Antarctica.
Me: So what will happen if it keeps getting hot?
Both: All the snow will melt.
Me: Super. Then what will happen?
Taran: There will be a lot of water in the Arctic ocean near the North pole and in the Atlantic ocean near the south pole.
Me: Wow! Do you remember that all the oceans are interconnected?
Roshan: Yes, so there will be a lot of water in all the oceans.
Me: Excellent! Then, what will happen?
Roshan: Maybe, there will be tsunamis in the ocean.
Taran: If there is a lot of water, then all the islands will disappear. That will be so sad. :<(
Needless to say, my heart swelled with pride to observe the thought process of these little kids and the resulting emotion they felt. But if they can get it, then for God’s sake will someone explain why President Bush doesn’t get it?

Taran: Happy Fathers Day, papa. I made a blue handprint for you beacuse you like blue color.
Ritesh: Thank you so much.
Roshan: Happy Fathers Day, papa. I made a purple handprint for you because my friend Morgan likes purple!!!

3 months ago, when I picked up my kids from school, their teacher, Ms Cathy said that during circle time when children get a chance to talk about whatever they wish, Taran raised his hand rather eagerly and this was the conversation that followed:

Ms. Cathy: Yes, Taran, what would you like to talk about?
Taran: "Three people want to become the president - Hillary Clinton, "Barrat Obama" and "John MTain". But only one can become the president."
Ms. Cathy, wide-eyed and wide-smiled: How do you know that?
Taran: I read it in the New York Times.

Fast forward to yesterday, when the following conversation took place between the two brothers:

Taran: My brother, do you know that Hillary Clinton does not want to become the president now?
(Clearly, we have not yet had a dinner table conversation to discuss the concept and process of nomination - so it is not the "want"; it is the "can't")
Roshan: I already know that.
Taran: Now there are only 2 people who want to become the president - "Barrat Obama" and "John MTain".
Roshan: I already know that.
Taran: Who do you wish should be the president?
Roshan: I want "Barrat Obama" to become the president because papa likes him and I like him. Who do you want as your president?
Taran: George Bush is a "Republitan" and John "MTain" is also a "Republitan". So that does not be fair if all the time "Republitans" be the president. But Barrat Obama is a “Demotrat” so I want him to become the president.

Hey there, as promised, I am back with an update. I am 6 weeks into my training. I have pretty much kept with the recommended training schedule. Also, I am thrilled that I have reached 53% of my fundraising goal. Many thanks to those who have donated towards my goal. And also to those who have sent me “stamina vibes”. And a big thanks to my good friend, Priya, for writing about my walk on her blog. Check out the post “All for a good cause” dated May 9, 2008 at http://reachpriya.tumblr.com/
Aah! Publicity - the frill benefits!!!
And for those who feel guilty of refusing to walk with me when I tried to rope in all of my friends in search of a walking partner, sweetie, here is your BIG chance to shed all your guilt. Just click on the link below and DONATE! :>)
The fun part of this whole experience was when I attended one of the webinars made by my “Walker buddy” (a person from Avon who assists you in your preparation for the walk). She urged us to buy “wicking” material fitness apparel and 2-3 pairs of sturdy shoes. Right from that day, I was on a mission. It was not because I love to shop and each time there is a “sale” which, of course, happens every week, I am back rushing from the parking lot with the fervor of a child who is about to get his favorite toy; it is because I am a good citizen – I wish to contribute to the top line of the stores! It is also because you have got to wear fitness gear … after all you do not want to be covered with rash and blisters. And, let’s look at the positive side; I am “walking” in the malls too. And now that I have justified my visits, I have to admit DH has been very encouraging – his wallet is turning lighter by the week but the sweetheart that he is, he always says, “Go for it!” So, in true Academy awards style, this one is for you, honey. I am glad I have you in my life.

Last week I read a news report about a Japanese man finding a woman in his closet. Apparently, the woman had been staying there for almost one year. The woman told the police that she had nowhere to live. The report ended by saying that the Police suspect she might have been closet-hopping, moving from house to house. Hours after I finished reading the article, I kept ruminating over it especially the last sentence. She had proved Maslow's hierarchy of needs correct by trying to meet her basic human needs. But I also kept thinking about the woman and her complete isolation. For one whole year, no one had noticed that she had simply vanished without trace, while she endured loneliness and suffering. I was provoked by her suffering and her unique response to it. She could keep living to fulfill her physiological and safety needs but all these months must have damaged her spirits more than her body. It made me realize that worse than hunger, pain, discomfort and defeat is the feeling that no one, absolutely no one, cares about us. I hope no one experiences such emotions. I prayed for the woman and thanked the news article for reaffirming the value of friendship and my faith in family. I said a silent prayer thanking God for blessing me with both, a loving family and wonderful friends.
Click on the link below for the news article mentioned above:

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