Circa May 2009

Me: Taran, Roshan, which activities do you want to do this summer?

Taran: We only want to do tennis, swimming, soccer, music lessons and ice-skating this summer.
Roshan: And bowling too.

Me: PHEW! Do you know how much all of this costs?

Taran: Is it a lot?

Me: Yes, a LOT of money.

Taran: Can't papa pay for it?

Me: Sweetheart, papa ONLY works for Infosys!

Taran: Papa, can't you ask them to give you more money?

Ritesh (smiling): I have asked them many times, but they don't listen.

Roshan: No problem! We can pay by check.

Me: But we need to have enough money in our bank account for that.

Roshan: No problem. We will pay by credit card. (Spoken like a true American!!!)

Ritesh: Well, but we have to pay the credit card companies back.

Roshan (with a momentary hestitation of "OHHH OHHH!" quickly figured out the solution): No problem! We will take a loan from the bank.

(By this time, Ritesh and I were rolling on the floor with laughter)

Ritesh: But we still have to repay the loan. Where will the money come from?

Roshan: We just won't repay. We will just ask Timothy Giethener and Barack Obama to take care of this.

Ritesh and me: If we don't pay, they will take our house away. We just might fall in the TARP category.

Roshan (with an "I can fix that too" expression): No problem! If they take our house, we will take theirs; we will just move to the White House! After all mom voted for Obama.

Circa December 2008
Our recent trips to India have piqued Taran and Roshan's interest in Indian mythology. As a result, they are all too familiar with curses and blessings that Gods have bestowed on the ordinary populace of those times that exist in Amar Chitra Kathas and Indian mythological books. But what surprised me was when I saw how it had figured into our lives:

Taran: I want to wear the Bob the Builder T-Shrit.

Roshan: No, I want to wear it.

Taran: No, give it to me.

Roshan: It is my turn today. Last time you wore it.

Taran: No, I didn't. You wore it the last time.

Roshan (Snatching it from Taran and grinning): It is mine now.

Taran (in tears): You snatched it from me!!!! WAHHHH! Ok, I curse you, you will never get married, you will always remain "Kumar Roshan".

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