Me: Taran, Roshan, did you know that the stimulus bill has finally been passed?

Taran: Really? How long did it take?

Me: A few more days than we thought.

Roshan: How much money did they give away?

Me: $787 billion

Taran: Didn’t they want to give more?

Me: Yes, the earlier plan was $820 billion.

Taran: Then why did they not give more?

Me: Because the other leaders did not agree.

Roshan: But Obama is the biggest boss. Everybody has to listen to him. Then why didn’t Obama give them a time-out?!?!

Taran: Maybe they did not have so many time-out chairs in Washington D.C.!!!!

Taran (crying inconsolably): WHAAAAA! Mummy, Roshan hit me so hard. He just kept hitting me. WHAAAAA!

Me: ROSHAN! Why did you that?

Roshan: Mummy, you always tell me to focus on my work, like when I do writing, or math, so when I was hitting Taran, I was focusing on hitting him very well!!!!

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