3.5 year olds give lessons in global warming.

Earlier this year, I was driving with Taran and Roshan when I pointed to a snowman someone had made in front of their house. The sun was shining bright and as a result the snowman looked a caricature version of it’s former self. I asked my kids what made the snowman different from the day before and the result was a rather interesting conversation and if I may say, an intellectual one too, considering we are talking about 3.5 year old twins.
Taran piped up: The sun is shining so bright and so the snowman is melting.
Me: Excellent. What will happen if the sun keeps shining bright every day?
Both: All the snow will melt.
Me: Good job, boys. Now tell me do you remember that there is a lot of snow and glaciers near the north and the south pole?
Both: Yes, there is a lot of snow where Santa lives and in Antarctica.
Me: So what will happen if it keeps getting hot?
Both: All the snow will melt.
Me: Super. Then what will happen?
Taran: There will be a lot of water in the Arctic ocean near the North pole and in the Atlantic ocean near the south pole.
Me: Wow! Do you remember that all the oceans are interconnected?
Roshan: Yes, so there will be a lot of water in all the oceans.
Me: Excellent! Then, what will happen?
Roshan: Maybe, there will be tsunamis in the ocean.
Taran: If there is a lot of water, then all the islands will disappear. That will be so sad. :<(
Needless to say, my heart swelled with pride to observe the thought process of these little kids and the resulting emotion they felt. But if they can get it, then for God’s sake will someone explain why President Bush doesn’t get it?


Priya said…
Unfortunately there is no answer to your question. The twins would have done a better job than him. Now, in additon the math lessons you are also in charge of giving T science lessons. Thank you in advance!
Ashu said…
The punch line was so funny!
Pooja said…
Wow - to the power of imagination, which (as I recently read somewhere) allows you to think of worlds even beyond your realm. Way to go, guys.